INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien

Surface desinfection

The cleaning and disinfection of equipments and surfaces with INNOWATECH Anolyte┬«, is especially focusing the reduction of cleaning time and economic use of resources. It helps to increase plant production times and to decrease production costs. 

The microbiological status ought to be kept on the current level, ideally it should be improved. The shorter cleaning time is realized by the redundancy of complete work cycles within the cleaning and disinfection procedure. The use of Anolyte saves up to 30% on work time and simultaneously reduces the consumption of cleaning water (warm water!) and cleaning chemicals! The production time window is extended significantly and more flexible.

The full integrated INNOWATECH Aquadron® stations make the Anolyte available in the required quantity just on the site.

If you want more information, we would appreciate to inform you in a direct dialogue.


Use disinfectant safely. 
Before use, always read label and product information