INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien

Applications in the food industry

The microbiological requirements on food for human consumption are very high!

A Lot of food gets in contact with water during the processing. Statutory provisions permit only the use of water, which is compliant to the drinking water order. Microbiological limits are often difficult to keep until the end of the freshness date. 

The use of the INNOWATECH MZE - technology offers new possibilities for the germ reduction in the field of the food processing. The full integrated INNOWATECH Aquadron®  stations make this technology available for production plants. In field tests results were obtained, which indicate that with the use of Anolyte substantial quality advantages can be achieved. INNOWATECH Anolyte® helps to assure production processes, advances the product safety and freshness. It supports you to optimize process steps and in the liabilities to your clients.

The optimized concentrations of Anolyte at these applications are conform with the German and European drinking water order. 

The INNOWATECH Aquadron® stations set new standards

  •  in the washing and showering to reduce germs in food
  • to fuse the limit values at the end of MHD
  • as element in ice in different areas
  • for microbiological protection of in hot and cool aqueous food containing systems
  • for applicable product - and process safety
  • for active consumer protection
  • for improvement of AOX, BSB and CSB values
  • in the conformity with the effective German and European drinking water order

Concrete examples are:

  • washing of leaf salads
  • reduction of germs on bodies of slaughtered cattle for beef production
  • coolants for direct product cooling
  • fish handling
  • fish storage
  • flake ice production, fluid ice production, production of ice cubes

Use disinfectant safely. 
Before use, always read label and product information.