INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien

Applications in the beverage industry

bottling / filling

Water and beverages produced with it enjoy great popularity. Premise for this is an equal quality off the resource "water". The decreasing quality of water, caused by factors like environmental influences, the use of chemicals and their disposal is an explosive topic in the food and beverage industry since years.

Our disinfectant INNOWATECH Anolyte®, a weak pH neutral sodium hypochlorite solution, will be produced on site by membrane cell electrolysis. Anolyte is announced in the appendix of the 
EC - Biocide guideline as disinfectant for food products and drinking water.

For our customers as operator (or owner) of INNOWATECH AQUADRON® stations 
there are no further tests or approvals necessary in the future!

Anolyte acts fast and reliable against vermin like yeasts, germs and others. Due to its pH neutrality it has a high compatibility to materials (no corrosion effects) and induces no changes on your products in the applied concentrations. 

Conventional often aggressive disinfectants can be replaced completely.

The use of the INNOWATECH MCE technology in the production and filling of alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages increases the product security and leads to improved CSB/BSB and AOX values in the waste water. Anolyte is produced out of water and common salt on site. 
This means low manufacturing costs, minimal use requirement for human resources and no transportation or logistic costs.

Anything in the production site which gets into contact with the product or humans will be flushed, cleaned, fumigated and/or sterilized after production end. The MCE technology is the fundament for a proper drinking water treatment, system clean up and disinfection in the brewery, the beverage and food industry. 

With the INNOWATECH AQUADRON® stations it is now possible to perform a continuous or clocked disinfection (HyClean plus Concept) during the running filling process. The risk of a microbiological contamination of the beverage is reduced and a stable product quality is assured. Other applications are the disinfection in CIP- systems while rinsing and cleaning the bottles.

Based on the close cooperation with our potent partners in the beverage technology, 
we can warrantee an optimal integration of our AQUADRON® systems into existing plants.

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Each compliance costs money and moreover a loss of reputation and possibly even a loss of customers. A continuous and efficient quality assurance in the entire production line is vital for the market acceptance and sales figures.  A lot of methods are possible to reach the targets. With the integration of the INNOWATECH MCE technology it can be guaranteed, that the hygiene aspect is considered in a reliable, ecologic and economic optimised way.

Use disinfectant safely. 
Before use, always read label and product information

INNOWATECH Anolyte - Desinfektion über CIP


Jede Reklamation kostet Geld und bedeutet Image- und Umsatzverlust. Eine kontinuierliche und effiziente Qualitätssicherung im gesamten Produktionsweg ist entscheidend für die Marktakzeptanz und die damit verbundenen Umsätze. Durch die Integration unserer INNOWATECH HyClean Hygienekonzepte kann sichergestellt werden, dass in jedem Betrieb einfach, schnell und zuverlässig der betriebshygienische Ablauf ökologisch, ökonomisch und sicher optimiert wird. 

Wir garantieren Ihnen die optimale Integration in Ihre bestehenden Anlagen. Gerne informieren wir Sie in einem ersten Gespräch, rufen sie uns an!


Biozide vorsichtig verwenden. Vor Gebrauch stets Etikett und Produktinformation lesen.