INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien

Our services for you

Consulting and information

  • in case of microbiological contamination of your  drinking water system
  • about germ reduktion and disinfection in the beverage and food processing
  • about  conditioning of drinking water for different applications

Planning and design of technical concepts

  • for existing installations and plants
  • Compilation of the current state of building, engineering and other facilities
  • Development of asset plans
  • for configuration of equipment and systems

Registration of the operation mode and operating status of the plant

  • check up of the correlation between civil engineering and hygiene state

Cost accounting and calculation

  • of investment costs, operating costs and return of invest period
  • of profitability
  • calculation of total investment and cost benefits for requested periods

Delivery and installation for the complete equipment

  • performed by INNOWATECH service personnel
  • including start up training for the operating personnel of the customer

Service and maintenance

  •  by own service personnel for the complete delivered system
  • and support during the sanitation and consolidation period
  • and within 48 hours help in case of emergency
  • cost oriented with progress supervision
  • and monitoring of your drinking water quality

Support of monitoring and analytics

  • by working out individual test plans (if wished according ยง 9 of German TwVO)
  • by taking water probes by accredited sampler (training approved by certificate)
  • by cooperation with accredited laboratories

We make connections

  • to colleges of applied sciences and universities
  • to authorities and other public facilities
  • to accredited analytic laboratories

Other services

  • representation and dialogue at public authorities
  • providing of test devices to test new application fields
  • help in urgent cases!
  • we help with flexible financing models