INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien

Boiler water treatment

corrosion in the boiler

At the boiler water treatment the main task is to avoid incrustration, corrosion in the boiler and corrosion in the condensate area. Steam is the best energy medium for a lot of purposes to heat, for power generation or to run machines. All boiler plants produces hot water or steam by the same procedure and need a special way of water treatment. The incrustration can only incidence if the feed water is not conditioned in the right way. By incrustration local overheatings can result, which guides to cracked pipes and add an inreased consupmtion by building a coating.

Corrosion is a chemical attack to metall surfaces with the result of losing metal. Corrosion will cause by the factors dissolved oxygen, ph- value and carbon dioxide mainly.

It happens that a condensate system achiev a pH- value of 5,0 by carbon dioxide. For each case  a water analysis should be accomplish to detect the right products to the water treatment.