INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien

Drinking water treatment

In the field of chemical drinking water treatment calcification and corrosion are the most critical areas. The conditioning of drinking water especially in widely ramified piping is often indespensable like in hotels, hospitals, properties and drinking water pipes.

By lime deposits, which result if the solved substances contained in water from supersaturation fail, it can come to line narrowings. Due to substances contained in water or the given pipe materials also corrosion is possible. Corrosion results e.g. with oxygen contact, variations in temperature, pH fluctuations, to stagnating water, from galvanic element formation and under existing deposits. 

AnalysES of the drinking water

For the selection of the suitable water purification procedures an evaluation (analysis)
of the drinking water is necessary in each case.

By adition of permitted conditioning products the calcification (hardness stabilizer) and corrosion (corrosion inhibitor) can be impeded. Therefore products are depolyed on the basis of phosphate and silicates. Phosphate and silicates are essential elements, which the human aborbs approx. 6 g PO4 and approx. 20 g SiO2 with the nutrition per day. The proportioned drinking water contains a phosphate quantity of approx. 1.5 mg/l and a silicate quantity of approx. 3 mg/l. With a daily water absorption of approx. 2,5l approx. 3.75 mg PO4 and approx. 7 mg SiO2 are taken up, which corresponds only approx. to 0.06% of the daily admission from food.  In contrast to this in sugared,alcohol-free beverages are up to 700 mg/l and in other eatables (cold cuts) are up to 1000mg/kg added to stabilize the flavour. 

The phosphate and silicate quantums in drinking water has no effect on smell, flavour, hygiene and salubriousness of the drinking water and the food formulation. Respective provisos are unfounded and not to justify from scientific and medical point of view.  

Corrosions inhibitorEs

Corrosions inhibitores with hardness stabilize attributes on the basis of poly-/ortho-phosphate are especially adapted to use in widely ramfied pipings to avoid the formation of "brown" water and calc sedimantation. They establish a protection film on the metal surfaces.

Our products are all permitted for the drinking water treatment and will be adjusted individual to the water character by our service personnel.