INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien

INNOWATECH Aquadron F1 and F2


Compact station for clean up and germ prevention. The station produces the pH neutral disinfectant Anolyte on site. 

The dimensioning of the INNOWATECH Aquadron® F systems is affected by applications and the existing local conditions. This type of systems is predominantly used to treat drinking water (cold and warm water systems), coolant and production water, disinfection of surfaces, gadgetries and materials.

Technical manual

  •  wall mounted module included controls for the Anolyte production
  • conditioning module and injection module
  • brine tank for salt pellets, brine mix valve, brine pump, Anolyte tank and dosing pump
  • PLC control for Anolyte production and automatic level control in the tanks,
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  • ¾“ inch T-conector to the drinking water pipe with system seperator of design BA 
    according DIN EN 1717 and DIN 1988 part 4
  • to produce Anolyte the needed drinking water is cleaned from disturbing  ion charges in a water softening unit. Then the required amount of common salt solution is added before it enters introduced to the electrolysis cell
  • the Anolyte is produced online depending on the demand
  • the incidental wastewater of the Anolyte production is discarded with a sewer 
    to the wastewater disposal line
  • all devices and units match to the lawfull and essential guidelines 
    (CE, EU EMC Directive, VDE, DVGW and nessessary IP classes)

Detailed technical and product information sheets will be sent on request.