INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien

INNOWATECH Aquadron F - series

INNOWATECH Aquadron F - series

Compact equipment to clean up and germ prevention. The equipment produces the pH neutral active agent on site. 

The dimensioning of the Aquadron F systems is affected by the applications and  objects. This type of system is used to treat predominantly drinking water (cold and warm water systems). 

Technical manual

  • compact equipment, all components are integrated in a case
  • brine tank for salt pellets, brine mix valve, brine pump, Anolyte tank and dosing pump
  • SPS control for Anolyte production and automatic level control in the tanks, isolated group signal fault 
  • ¾“ junction to the drinking water pipework with system decollator 
    design BA by DIN EN 1717 and DIN 1988 part 4
  • to produce Anolyte the necessary drinking water is freed in a precursor of its foreign ions, to achieve the required conductivity the water is abuzzed with saline solution before it is introduced to the diaphragm cell electrolysis
  • the poduction of Anolyte occurs online by requirement request.
  • the incidental wastewater at the Anolyte production (max. 5l/h) will be conveyed 
    with a sewer to the wastewater disposal line
  • all devices and units match to the essential guidelines (CE, VDE, DVGW, EMR) 
    and nessessary IP classes

You can request us for detailed technical facts and product information sheets .