INNOWATECH - Innowative Wasser Technologien


your reliable partner for technologies of 
drinking water treatment and disinfectant systems

The INNOWATECH GmbH offers several products, procedures and services in the areas of drinking water treatment and disinfectant systems.

With new innovative systems and active agents we can offer possibilities to provide the highest level of hygiene in combination with cost reductions. We set new bench marks in the treatment of drinking-, coolant- and process water, the disinfection of disposals and surfaces plus the germ reduction on food. The security and health of the consumers has always the highest priority for us. Our products ensure a high efficiency with a maximum of compatibility for humans, animals, materials and environment.

All open questions about products and technology can be addressed to the experienced team of the  INNOWATECH GmbH at any time.

As a well established specialist in the market of water treatment and disinfection technology we will use our complete know how and competence to support you.

If one of our technologies is interesting for you, we would appreciate to develop an individual concept for your facility or company!  

Please contact in any way which is convenient for you.
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